WORKPACKAGE 6: Dissemination & Exploitation

WP6 is designed to manage and facilitate the dissemination of project results from the scientific and public understanding point of view.

It will tackle:

  • to disseminate information to researchers, multipliers and SMEs thought overall project presentation during events such as conferences and workshops,
  • to create and manage a website for exchanging partial project results,
  • to support, coordinate and track of dissemination endeavors,
  • to analyze and identify the commercial exploitation

Workpackage 6.1.- Basic Presentation and Dissemination [Leader: MTU]

This task will be carried out through a) project web site, b) presentation and posters, c) mailing list for the dissemination.

An Internet Web portal will be created and maintained to advertise the overall project and make available results and, whenever possible, data. Presentations and posters are to be generated to foster awareness of the proposed methodology. The project’s web address will be promoted using standard mailing lists and actively inserting it to relevant link lists. The Web portal will be a living platform for the project, describing the evolution of the project and allow for internal and external interactions.

Workpackage 6.2.- International scientific and technological events and publications [Leader: MTU]

ANTI-DRONES concept and algorithms shall be proposed and presented at international scientific conferences, workshops or symposia. This task synchronizes and keeps track of publication activities. First, a dissemination and exploitation plan, including schedules for major conferences, workshops, and trade shows, EU events, etc. to engage in has to be set up and periodically reviewed. The fulfillment of this dissemination plan will be checked continuously and the plan adapted to current status and opportunities.

Workpackage 6.3.- Analysis and identification of commercial exploitation [Leader: NKSU]

This task will analyze and identify the exploitable technologies, products, and services of the project, which will be built around the ANTI-DRONES platform. The exploitable products and services will be advertised through the commercial channels and already well-structured stakeholders’ networks of each partner. For each one of the identified products/services, this task will perform a market penetration analysis, which will facilitate the identification of proper exploitation directions, and will provide initial promotional activities of the aforementioned solutions.