WORKPACKAGE 2: Reference Scenarios and Operational Requirements

WP2 will include:

  • Analysis of the operational scenarios;
  • Analysis of sensor payloads to be used in the reference scenarios;

Identify the required capabilities to reach identified goals in provided operational areas with regards to multiple mini UAVs.

Workpackage 2.1 – Characterization of reference scenario [Leader: NKSU]

In this task, the operational scenario will be selected as a reference for the following work packages. The reference scenario shall allow the adaptation of the proposed architecture for a specific use case and its respective evaluation in the live-virtual experiments conducted in WP 4.

Workpackage 2.2 – Identification of required capabilities [Leader: NKSU]

The scope of this task will be the precise identification of the requirements for Anti-drones to reach the identified goals in the selected operational scenarios (WP 2.1).

Requirements shall be derived in terms of information management, situation assessment, threat analysis, required decision support and Anti-drones functions.

The identification of required capabilities will take into account the results obtained from previous tasks and activities.