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Innovative concept to detect, recognize and track “killer-drones”


The project is focalized on the development of a new concept of an anti-drone system able to detect, recognize and track the killer-drones – mini/micro UAVs – in order to facilitate the neutralization of them minimizing the risk for people and assets.

This needs the integration of different competencies, such as system design and integration, design of antennas and transceiver, development of advanced signal processing algorithms, as well as the development of software and firmware.

The final scope of the project is to progress the state of the art of the anti-drone systems through the use of mini-radar technology and signal processing, improving the performance of the system and eliminate completely the environmental impact (e.g. ECM pollution) in an urban environment.

The reference Scenarios for ANTI-DRONES project can be synthesized as follows:

  • Protection of critical infrastructure or critical assets in an urban contest against attacks of UAVs in single or multiple configurations.
  • Killer-drone: mini or micro UAV approaching site-target (to be protected by the anti-drone system) with a velocity of 10 m/s.
  • Threat detection range: 3 Km
  • Threat recognition range: 2,5 Km

The ANTI-DRONES concept is based on the following subsystems:

  • A network of LPI polarimeter mini-radar with wave shape FMCW or noise-like, with low environmental impact and capability of imaging on-demand, full digital, easy reconfigurable ad high level of flexibility and versatility, able to work in all weather conditions, to be deployed and opportunely positioned (on ground) in the zone of asset to be protected.
  • A data processing & fusion subsystem able to generate situational awareness and to enable the fast detection, recognition, and tracking of the threats within the max time to activate the neutralization action.